Dear friend,

We are so happy to be here and so happy to help you find your groove again. In a world that seems so connected with social media, we often feel so disconnected. So, we started groove to find the raw and real connections again.

With our space rental opportunity, we offer our event space at a lower cost, fully and beautifully decorated, to help facilitate the bringing of people together without all the ordinary budget limitations of other event venues in Madison, Wisconsin.

We knew that we wanted people to also have FUN, so we added in our photobooth rentals & slow motion video booths that can be used either at our facility or at your off site event! By creating a keepsake memory, set to music, we remind you that these moments are truly about the laughs, and there’s nothing better than that.

But then we took it a step further. We decided we wanted to give back and start to work on our community further. We learned that it all starts with our children. Our kids are our future. Right now, studies show that children are feeling more disconnected and that suicide rates among teenagers are increasing.

We wanted to reach out to a child’s soul. We wanted to make them feel whole again in a world that seems only to destroy and conquer. So, we consulted with music therapists and occupational therapists to create kids classes that always speak to the truest form of self love and self awareness. We give space to teach about coping mechanisms, stress relief and meditation. No matter the subject being taught, we want to pepper in the small learning lessons that our expert consultants have helped us incorporate. We do this in every class, whether you are taking a science class, computer programming workshop or creative arts class. Kids will learn their worth and it will be our mission to have them leave our space with a better feeling about themselves. Through our classes, we will also help facilitate much needed conversations within families. We will have gallery nights that help parents and students reach a new level of connection as well.

These classes are affordable and we have major goals of making this course curriculum available to all kids, regardless of their economic status. We are so thankful for programs that help kids who are too poor to find their next meal, but what programs speak to their self worth? What programs help them find their leadership voice and realize their potential? We want to help in that fight.

We know that without connection, no one would be able to see eachother and seeing eachother is paramount to living a truth that is empathic and meaningful.

Finally, we thought hard on how to make this connection move forward for adults too. We have a series of classes for seniors who yearn to learn a new hobby (guitar or songwriting?) or for young adults who want to learn how to record their music on a budget. We want to have programming for mothers that helps them remember who they were before they were called Mommy.

We know that there is a lot of hardship & sadness in this world, but we hope that when you enter our space, you find a bit of yourself again- finding your groove again- just as mother nature intended.

With love,

Ru (owner, mama, community lover)

Groove Madison is a community center located in downtown Madison, WI. We rent our space for small events and also provide curriculum for adults & children on creative arts and computer related courses.


Ru Nataraj, Founder & Instructor

Tyler Wood, Instructor