Event Venue Party Rentals


Rent our space for your next small party! No catering restrictions. Save money on food/beverage minimums and gratuities by booking with us. Bring whatever food you want! We also allow you to bring in your own bottled & canned beer, wine, and pre-mixed cocktails in drink dispensers. Parking is around the block at State Street Capitol Ramp, which makes us a prime location for your next bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, baby shower, or birthday party in Madison Wisconsin!

Photobooth Rentals

We travel with our photobooths to your event or wedding. With over 5 years of travelling, we’re happy to offer traditional photobooths & slo motion video booths!

Connection + Empowerment + Community.


We have classes for both kids & adults:

Our kids classes are varied and include topics like

  • Computer Programming

  • STEM

  • Music Exploration (Rhythm, Beats, Music Machines, Live Looping, Home Recording & Songwriting)

  • All of our kid’s curriculum at Groove intertwines learning targeted skills in the topics above as well as emotional education advancement . We will discover ways to improve self esteem, increase self confidence and leadership skills, and work to decrease anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation in kids of all ages.    As kids learn their favorite activities, we infuse these life skills lessons too. Our goal is to educate on creative endeavors but also help children and their families find the joy in being present without their phones to hold them back.

Adult Classes include

  • Guitar Group Lessons

  • Songwriting 101

  • Home Recording for Adults

Check out our blog to see what’s new at Groove!